Tuesday, January 9, 2007

What's art but a secondhand emotion?

For AK:
Direction, or That to Which I Point May Be Exactly What I Want You to See.
Don’t You Trust Me?

Once upon a time, this is what she wrote:

Question: Is art elitist? Should it be? Is everyone an artist? Should they be?
Answer: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

I am an artist. And sometimes, some things can be, simultaneously, more than what they are and exactly what they are. A museum can be a swimming pool.

It is all about trust. Art can be real. Art must always be made with a nudge and a wink, especially sincere art. Art must be more real than the art world will let it be. Art must be more art than the real world will let it be. Art is on dangerous ground. And that’s good.

She laughs now when she reads these words.

A: Why don’t you say you love me?
B: Why do I have to?
A: If you loved me, you’d say it.
B: I love you.
A: You’re just saying that.

Would I lie to you, honey?