Saturday, February 3, 2007

Lady Salsa

That's the best time of her life
No matter how down you are
How many days did you swim with'em
Hello darling
White light was amazing
Its very kind of
I was with a group and they said
Stay together
I was doing some flips and then they showed me and if I'm
No you've got
They've the same money as me
And where the hell were they
One of the dolphins went to say like
To say goodbye it was incredible
Very wow
Amazing amazing
If you live there you get on a bus
You can go into the centre and
There's a door that they leave open just down the road
He actually knows two dolphins and
Whenever he goes in the sea he makes a noise and they come to
So what did you do with your flat in London
Really that noisy
You don't know what a headache is even if I move my head like
Even that didn't get me
I would get to work and I was thrown off balance
Where did you get these black eyes from
And your starting on about conscience
Didn't you tell the council about that
Myself there's no way
Is that on the Abbey Road
I don't mind
To come back next week
You can't even walk
You're a floosy if you don't cover yourself up
But prostitution's unbelievable
Every other woman you see
Its so religious
In London there's an idyllic spot where all the dancers hang out
Did you have a relationship with'em
We talked about it over two or three days
I didn't want to be responsible for'em
He'd done it to someone else.
He wants to bring her over
How many thousand pounds a month
I said no
I'm going but what I decided
You haven't wasted it
Only wanted the lightning unless your an American
They're not looking at my work and I find that hugely
I hate it
The fact is I can come over here and get a job tomorrow
I'm reading a lot
Decided to give it a couple of months and then I'm coming back
London's such a right place
If you've been taught how to get on with people you should be fine
All kinds of walks of life and in the end that's what I need
In two years they might
Maybe not
That was the thing I didn't like about London
I should've picked that up really quickly
I'm not worried about here
How are you
I know its lovely
Its difficult I know
If ever you're back in London you give me a ring
Have you got a business card
What about colours
You got a permanent headache
What are we doing then
Couldn't sit for five minutes
Went to the Park
Walking through the Park
It wasn't their fault
Even that any noise
Amplified like four million times
I was like
When I went in there
On top of the world
Went to speak to my dad and he doesn't understand why
I want to speak to him my real dad
My real dad he's in Australia
I started screaming and all you can hear is me screaming
And all you can hear is me screaming
Once it started like looney
Scary wow
Like its a great big theatre
Lady Salsa
I'll teach you how to do it